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Minimum deposit: 0.001BTC
Maximum deposit: 10 BTC

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1. Last day


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1. What is the XS2 Loyalty Promotion?

a. XS2 will sell XS2Tokens that can be used to secure discounts on Transaction Fees
charged by XS2 Exchange.
b. XS2 tokens available for sale to XS2 Customers during the Promotional Period only.

2. How can you buy XS2 Tokens?

                a. XS2 Tokens will be available for sale from 15 October to 15 November 2018 (the
“Promotional Period”)
                          b. During the Promotional Period 1 XS2 Token will cost 0.00002 BTC.
                                   c. Each XS2 Customer may purchase a maximum of 5000 XS2 tokens in this promotion.

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About BTC Smash

BTC Smash is a website on which you destroy virtual objects and get real BitCoins in exchange!

Click on the items, get BitCoins and remove them directly into your wallet! It’s as simple as it looks!

Just enter a valid Bitcoin wallet address and you can start breaking objects! No usernames, passwords, emails or any other personal information! Just enter and break! The hits are filled automatically every 3 hours, allowing you to return regularly and earn as many BitCoins as possible.

Even if you are short of hits, you can still get more by inviting your friends or using other features of the site. We have a unique level system in which you automatically get more hits if you invite more people! The game never stops until you get your win! …


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